Friday, April 8, 2016

WEEK 45 - General Conference, golf and I got kissed


 Ohmygrsh. I love general conference. I can't believe we have to wait 6 whole months till the next one. But crazy week this week!! And transfer news?! We're both staying!  This Place is beautiful and lots of work to do I am good with that!

So busy week again this week....Monday was super awesome! The Zone Leaders planned an Easter egg hunt. So all throughout the stake center there were missionaries hunting for Easter eggs, and the funnest surprise was some of these 'eggs' were actually balloons filled with candy that we had to go around a pop with a dull pencil. Haha it was great. The best part was that some of these balloons had Taco Bell tacos in them...haha oh zone leaders. Still, no one knows how they got the tacos in the balloons but we've learned to not ask questions.



This Monday we went to DI and  got some silly clothes to go Golfing in!!  Fun day!!

Tuesday through Thursday we were on exchanges which was awesome. I was with Sister Shoemaker and she's amazing!! The first day she and I got up early and for exercise went and hiked the Missoula M. It was way fun! And SO beautiful for the sunrise. Perfect way to start the day:) and the good things just kept coming, we saw SO many miracles. My favorite one was we were Tracting and talking about ways to find people and she was like "I wish people just called us and said they wanted to hear the gospel...that'd be nice" then literally like right after that we got a phone call and the message went something like this: "hi, my name is M. I hope this is the missionaries. I got baptized then left the church and I want to come back. Can you come see me? Also my girlfriend wants to be baptized too." Haha whaaat?? So we got an awesome  new friend !!  Gosh dang this work is amazing.

I have gained a huge testimony of the Priesthood on my mission …I can’t go into  it really…but just know I have seen miracles, I have seen people see the priesthood being used and touching lives.  I am so grateful for this power On earth and lives it changes.

And to top things off general conference was amazing. I loved it. The
messages were so inspired and answered so many of my questions. I love
that no matter how tough things get, they always get better. The Lord
always provides ways for us to receive strength.

I love the people here in Missoula and I love sharing the gospel. It has strengthened my
testimony so much to be able to share it with others and see them start to grow  their testimony.

Hope ya have a great week!!

Sister Hodgson

I was kissed on my mission ...Love this sweet man                         We found a foot in someones back yard
Keep "shorty" in your prayers

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