Friday, April 29, 2016

WEEK 48- Clevland Cavaliers and Famlies are Forever

Hello family! Another week gone huh? How does that keep happening?
Well this week was an eventful one for sure! Craziness of all kinds
but truly life changing.

First off we got to do lots of service this week which is always a hi
light. They are doing special olympics here in Missoula so we got to
go help with that this week! We'll be helping some more in a few weeks
when they go to state. This time we helped with bocce ball and
rounding the athletes up for each of their events! It was so much fun,
the kids are so sweet and get so pumped about playing
We also got to go over and help J  clean his place
out!  I just adore J with my whole
heart. It was great to just help him clean and
answer some of the questions has.  We had some amazing chats about the
church and the Book of Mormon and life after death.  He gave me this GREAT hat!
 He really is just the kindest soul you'll ever meet.
 The Fadleys are moving also, so we went over with
the relief society and packed them all up.
They are just sweethearts and we love them so much. It was amazing to take some time
this week to just go and serve. There really is a special love and
spirit that we can feel as we serve others and serve alongside others.
It's such a blessing.

So now to talk real fast about the I don't think I've
talked too much about P is a member that we've been working
with and he's something special. He lived in a group home for the
first little bit that I was here but then a few weeks ago he decided
he felt too pressured in the group home so he ran away. He ended up
just chilling on the streets and living in the Poverello(a community
shelter place) he has been in touch with us and  the church .
The Ward is well aware of his situation and have tied to assist
him but he kinda does his own thing.  We got a call from him and he was convinced the Cleveland Cavaliers
were trying to get him. He has gone off his medicine  and  it was hard for him to work things out.  We called
The Elder’s Quorum  president and he was able to work things thru and help him out.  We pray a lot for people
Who battle these difficult battles.

The absolute best part of the week was our lesson with R. This
one lesson made every single hard thing I've ever felt or experiences
on my mission completely 100% worth it. We've been working with him, he wants the joys the
Gospel can bring…. But hard to  commit and change….well,
remember how he came to church last week? Amazing right? of
the talks was on the difference between a contract marriage and a
covenant marriage. At first we were nervous because guess what. R
and J had just gotten married right?
But the talk really hit home with him! We
had a lesson on their home after church and he asked all kinds of
questions about what a covenant marriage is and how we can be sealed
to our families forever. It was so amazing to be able to testify of
the amazing strength and power that my family has felt from being
sealed as a family. I can just tell you that the Spirit in that room
was tangible. It was amazing to see the shift that happens when the
goal is no longer just baptism. The goal became a forever family.
It was possibly one of the sweetest, most precious experiences
of my mission to hear each member of that family testify of what it
would mean to them to be sealed together as a family. R set a
baptism date and the whole family is ecstatic and working together
toward that date. R texted us the next morning with the sweetest
thank you for what the gospel is doing for him in his life and for his

This gospel does bless families. I testify of that  and I am a
witness of that. I've seen it in my own family, I've seen it in the
families of the amazing members we meet and I've seen it as it begins
to change a new family who is working toward that. I'm so eternally
grateful for this gospel

Sister Hodgson

We got locked out of the church ...oops


We explored the Saint Anthony's church on Pday

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