Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week 46- just listen! its so not about us :)

Holy cow, another week gone by. How does that keep happening?! And
this week was truly a week of miracles. Haha we're exhausted but it's
the best kind of exhausted you can be!! ( Note- She found her initials in the cement she did not make them :)  )

So to start off, were gona take it back a few weeks to zone
conference. One of the big themes of zone conference was listening. So
many times, our instinct is to just jump in and start teaching people
and inviting them to do things and such. Which is cool and all but the
assistants gave a huge discussion on why we listen and how important
it is. much of what they say is golden!.... but how
often do we miss that because we hear something they say and just jump
over things and start talking….out of love and excitement…..anyway

So this week was transfers so we were a little busy for the first part
of the week with everything for that. Always fun, sad busy and different!

So Sister Freeman and I have been studying diligence a lot lately and holy cow things happen. So Thursday was weekly planning....normally the toughest day of the week for me because we sit and plan and schedule everything for the next 10 days. And you know how much I've always loved planning. Haha but hen you add on top of that, not going out to work for those hours that we plan and it's torture. But we know it's important, so
we've been praying that we can be more diligent and effective in these
planing sessions. And wow oh wow it was probably the best weekly
planning session we've ever had! Ever. We focused 100% on the people.
What they need and how we can help them. We thought about them, prayed for them, and truly loved them. We saw where they are now, where they came from and where we hope they will come to be. We talked about how to do our part to help get them there. Then the
rest of the week, we put the plans in play and went to work. We saw
miracle after miracle and everything we had prayed about and planned
for seemed to be coming to pass. It just shows that it's the Lord's
work and when we do it His way, it's a whole lot easier for things to

So just a few of these miracles...first was the F family. They have been struggling and we have tried our ideas and our plans but this week we've
been focusing on listening, we truly have just been sitting and asking
questions, trying to figure out what they need .
We felt super prompted to show them a video that seemed to
fit right with their needs. Holy cow, the Spirit was super strong and
I just felt so much overwhelming love for them. The
Spirit was able to touch them and I literally saw a change in them.
And guess what. THEY CAME TO CHURCH!!!! WHATTT
They had the chance to partake of the sacrament for
the first time in 4 years. Gosh this work is amazing.

Also, Randy. Ohh R. He's just the best. He has been becoming much
for comfortable with us and really opening up…we have tried to listen better and we have been better directed to know what he needs and how to serve him….he is doing the goals he is helping set.  

Last one I promise...soooo J.  She had visited with Missionaries before and was working to be baptized.  Then she put on the brakes and had not been back. We tracted into her last month and have never been able to meet with her……..we finally got an aptt with her !!
 Our original plan was to go in and teach the restoration. But guess what we did...yep, we listened. Haha we asked questions, hi-lighted principles of the gospel, and through that, the restoration was taught once again and
she bore her testimony on the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.
She's read it and knows it has changed her life. She talked about her
concerns, why she didn't go through with baptism last time. She said
she felt like she was doing it for other people and she wanted to make
sure she's is ready and that she's doing it for herself. And now, 12
years later, she seems to be ready.

The miracles this week just kept coming. We worked hard, it was sunny
this week so we were out walking everywhere and talking to people. We
walked over 6 miles a day for a few days this week, got super
sunburned and now have holes in our shoes, but no one cares 'cause
this gospel is true! My testimony of this work was strengthened
tremendously this week. This work is truly not about us. The minute we
remembered that and LISTENED, things started to change. This is the
Lord's work and it's about His children. We have the amazing
opportunity to be instruments in the Lord's hand. Our job is, yes, to
teach! But our main job is to listen, to love and to make it possible
for the Spirit to teach God's children. I'm so grateful to be a part
of this work. It is amazing. I love the Lord and my heart is so full
right now. I love you all!! Have an amazing week!!

Sister Hodgson

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