Tuesday, April 26, 2016

WEEK 47- Prayers and Love

First off can I just say I love my mission?  Being on a mission is tough.  It's super tough.  But I've never loved hard things so much in my life!  Kinda a super weird week and mommy has more info on the details.  But a small thing we've been focusing on this week is prayer.  We had an awesome MLC this week and that was AMAZING.  President and Sister Wadsworth are always so inspired.  But one of the things I really got from it was what prayer is and how to pray with complete faith.

We had some amazing lessons with Randy this week and guess what.  He's reading the Book of Mormon.   It was awesome!  But we were a little bummed because he worked on Sunday so he wasn't going to be able to make it to church.  After thinking about the things we learned in MLC and in the zone training we did after, I knew I needed to build my testimony of prayer.  So Saturday night, when I kinda realized this, I was saying my nightly prayer and in it, prayed with all my heart that Randy would be able to come to church tomorrow.  So...Sunday morning in Ward council, we got a text from Jessica.....and guess what it said. RANDY GOT WORK OFF AND WAS ABLE TO COME TO CHURCH!!!!!  Oh gosh we flipped.  Haha we were trying to be all dignified and stuff in Ward Council but when we got out we went crazy! ……and then we got taking to each other we figured out that both Sister Freeman and I got the prompting Saturday night to pray that Randy could come to church.  Independent of each other, we prayed that he could come and the the next morning, he gets off work. Gosh the power of prayer is real.

Mom I shared some mission personal stuff with you....but I have learned a lot this week.  I've been learning a lot about what it truly means to love people.  And it's done amazing things!  It's been incredible to see how much love does for the soul.  But it also means you get hurt more.  I honestly, truly love these missionaries we serve with and those people that we serve!  But it hurts sometimes too.  The more you love the more we all become changed!  Those that love and those that are loved! But also the more it hurts when you can't really help any farther.  And when it becomes their agency....But it's helped me realize just how much I truly love my mission.  I love you and miss you! But I couldn't be anywhere else right now.  I have been learning what it means to love the Lord first and it's definitely an eternal process....but I love learning how to do it.  Somehow, even when it hurts I still love it.

Love you , miss  you, have an amazing week


Sister Hodgson

Saying good bye to Sister Crosland.  She was my "baby" ( greenie) and then we have served together here and I ADORE this woman!!
"til we meet again" ( this is hard )

So for zone training, we did the whole anti-nephi-Lehites and each started off the transfer writing down personal things on swords and prayed and buried them all. It was an awesome experience to be able to put the things on the altar and just burry them and become
who God needs us to be.


Cool power boxes !!

Zone Picture

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