Thursday, September 29, 2016

WEEK 70- Things will work HIS timing

Hey my family. Crazy week this week. Missions really are a full time
of ups and downs and all arounds! This week was one of those. Such
awesome miracles last week! And little Satan doesn't like that one
bit. He kinda makes me a bit peeved sometimes. Sorry this is kinda a
weird letter......its just kinda what's been feeling lately...

So this week started off good! We had great people we were working with and serving ..
 But toward the end of the week, Satan
started to work hard….Its started to Rain in the weather…and lots of others
things started to happen too!


So L came with us to a relief society activity this week!
 she has been doing so well and last week was such an amazing experience!

 But she's amazing and Satan is working double time on her….
she has had some sadness and concerns .. So we postponed her Baptismal date.
She's meeting with  bishop and were still teaching her, but she said it looks like it's
going to be a while. We are so glad that she takes the covenant of baptism so seriously!
She does not want to be baptized until she knows she can fully live all of the
commandments. But there's also that part of faith and trusting that as
we live the commandments the Lord will provide a way for things to
work out. Satan is just putting those fears back in her head. Not okay

Then with this weekend, M was supposed to be baptized on
Sunday. Our district leader said her baptismal interview went great,  the whole branch was on board, she had been taught in lots of the
branch members homes and so everyone knew her and she was ready! But
then, things happened-Satan happened-and we had to cancel her baptism
a few hours before. Honestly it was a little heartbreaking. Okay, a
lot heartbreaking
 To be honest it was a though week.

I've kinda been thinking and pondering a lot this week....what am I
doing that's slowing the work down? What can I do to be better? To fix
this? What can we do to help L feel peace and calm about her
commitment ? How can we help M? So much
going through my mind. And kinda a lot of sadness.
And to be completely honest, there was
a bit of frustration. Why did this happen? Why did she think that? Why
didn't this work out!
Did we not teach enough about these principles
and commitments? What did we miss
Then the more I started thinking, the more I realized how off the mark I was. All of these
thoughts and feelings and frustrations were focused where? Not on
Christ. It was "what's wrong with ME? I didn't do that right. Did I
not have enough faith? That's not what WE
thought should happen. That isn't how I thought things would go."

The last few weeks, I've been reading a lot of talks and scriptures
and trying to focus on humility and turning my will over to God.
Trying and praying to make His will, my will and to just trust Him. So
this week was a humbling one. The more Sister Wong and I talked about
it together, the more we realized a bit of the lesson in this.
 All of the things that were happening, were the way that WE planned it at
first. But was it the right timing the Lord needed it to be? This work
is just completely the Lord's work. And we need to do it His way. I
feel like there are so many times in life where we want things to
happen, and we want them to happen now, the way we think it should.
And often times  these are  good
things, things the Lord wants too! But the thing of it is, it still
has to be in the Lord's timing. Whether it's a baptism, college, a
job, family, etc. no matter how much we want it, how much we think
it's a good idea or it makes sense, the Lord sees the whole picture

and He knows.

One of the talks in sacrament meeting yesterday was about how "it will
all work out" and trusting in our Savior and His atonement. That is
the best thing we can do. As I took the sacrament and pondered these
thoughts, I was rebuked by the Spirit a little bit...haha but I was
also given such a sense of hope and peace. I am so grateful to have a
loving Heavenly Father and a Brother, Jesus Christ, who see the whole
picture. It is so humbling and so comforting to know that God loves
each of us and knows what we need. It's such a simple truth. One of
the first truths we learn in this gospel. And I'm so grateful that He
is so patient with me as I try to learn, and relearn these
It is  All in His timing. My
testimony of the Lord's plan was really strengthened this week. He
knows us. He loves us.

Sister Hodgson                             Enjoy Conference we know you CAN....... there have been LOTS of bunnies around lately....and I just  had so much fun trying to catch one!!

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