Thursday, September 8, 2016

WEEK 67 - Some pictures

Pictures 1 & 2 We drove a lot this week,( exchanges and meetings)-this is our road trip mascot, Sriracha. Haha thanks mommy

for the little friend!!! We love him:)


Pictures 3-5-   -ROAD TRIPS!!! They're becoming a normal part of life.

Haha missionary work, beautiful scenery, bike racks and pick ups. That is life right now.  Shell Falls! Beautiful spot to stop and stretch our legs along the way. And Big Horn!!



Picture 6-exchanges with the Worland Sisters!!


 Picture 7-sister Clegg and I biked everywhere. Literally everywhere.

Haha it was pretty good for the most part, but we met one lady who we really struggled with. She was a referral from a member.  Someone said she could use some when we first knocked on the door, she
said "I love Mormons! Come on in!!" So we came in and started talking with her. We mentioned that our message is centered on Jesus Christ, then she just goes off. It was one of the toughest moments of my mission. She said some of the most awful, disgusting, hurtful things.  We were stunned. I've never heard someone talk like that about anyone or anything, let alone talk about our Savior, Jesus Christ like that. I have never been so hurt by the words people have said on my whole mission. It broke my heart to hear someone talk like that. I have been
praying and trying to forget the things she's said. It broke my heart that #1-someone would talk that way about anyone or anything, but especially about her brother, Jesus Christ.  And #2-that someone has been so hurt through life that she has such a hardened view of life and our Savior. We were in quite the slump after that. But it's those moments that we get to take, and bear our testimonies to each other.


Picture 8-life is way to short to not climb trees. Even in a skirt.

Pic 9
-exchanges with the beautiful Lovell sisters!!!

Sister Wong, me, Sister Davis and Sister Crosland. Love these amazing sisters! Lovell has the biggest stake center in the U.S. It's amazing!
I love this little town though. We just biked around all day! It was great:)

Pictures 10-12-super dark and blurry. But as we were biking home at the end of the night, Sister Crosland and I realized that EXACTLY 1 year ago, it was our first night being companions. And guess what we were
doing?! Biking home in Great Falls and this same time of night. In the dark. Haha so we had to take a picture.

Love this lady so much.


                                                 Pictures 13-15 -THANK YOU FOR THE SNACKS!!!!! We love them.

-we made homemade granola bars!! Yummy. Haha P.S. Thanks
for the apron mommy!!!


 Picture 16- We have spent some great time cooking and serving food at a homeless shelter....we did not take pictures there ...but outside in BEAUTIFUL Wyoming cause it was a great day!  People Rock!

Picture 17-we got to teach primary sharing time in Ranchester on

Sunday!! Love these kids. We taught about "the scriptures teach that

the gospel will be preached through all the world" and talked about

missionary work! It was awesome. Then we had them all write a letter

to President and Sister Wadsworth. These kids are so precious!

I love Wyoming, my companion and the work we are doing!

Talk to you in a week

Love Sister Hodsgon

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  1. LOVE all the pics!! Heavenly Father will help those hurtful things leave your heart and mind. You are wonderful!!