Thursday, September 1, 2016

WEK 66- Ranchester the land of miracles...they are everywhere...Find them!!

Hey hey!! So this week was pretty much awesome! And so dang hard to
put into words...All I can say is I love being on a mission. And I
love this work.

SO. Let's try this
Sister Wong is the most wonderful blend of  spiritual and silly, Crazy and organized , fun and focused!  She is amazing and I love working with her.  Her favorite  food is  Sriracha   toast ,

Monday night, the Sisters from Cody rolled in
around 9pm for exchanges! Such awesome sisters!! I was with Sister
Brown and she is killer!! She's been on her mission for almost 3 weeks
now! We had the lovely opportunity to go to our little town,
Ranchester, to work all day Tuesday. Gosh I love that little place. We
literally just walked around talking with everyone and it was awesome!
But to be honest, the beginning of the day was a little one
was being very nice. In fact, most people must have just been having a
real tough day cause they were acting quite rude... I kept thinking to
myself "this isn't how it's supposed to go!!! This is Sister Brown's
first exchange and people are supposed to be nice and there's supposed
to be miracles!" At first I just thought that we gotta work through it
because what else can we do? But then what we talked about at zone
training about meaningful prayer and how important it is came to my
mind. One of the missionaries had said that oftentimes, true
meaningful prayer comes when there is a sense of desperation being the
asking. I was pretty desperate. Haha so the prayers started. So so
often. Haha as a companionship and in my head.. every 10 seconds it
felt like. Haha but then the miracles came! We had a couple three that

The first was the D family! I mentioned them a bit last week.
They have been reading the Book of Mormon every night as a family!!
Wooho!! We got to teach the plan of salvation. One of my favorite
lessons. We really focused it on forever families and all 3 of the
kids were super into the lesson! The Spirit was super strong and both
parents testified of the truthfulness of the plan. It was amazing to

see. These truths that they have pushed aside for so long, really
truly hit home and they are able to remember why they love this
gospel and what it means for their family. At the end, we were all
talking about our favorite parts and Travin said "my favorite part was
how we lived with Heavenly Father before earth. I never knew that
before. But I guess since we lived with Him before, God must know us
and love us a lot." Gosh he is the sweetest! It is so precious to see
these simple truths taught. And they just ring true with the kids

Next was C!! She's a potential we've been trying to get ahold of
felt like we should go try. We tried her at first and there was no
answer. Then after we got out of dinner, we felt like we should try
her again. And she answered! We got to talk with her for a while and
introduce the restoration. She just moved into town recently and is
looking for a church. Well guess what! There's definitely a church in

The last  was B. B was in our
area book and missionaries has contacted him before quite a while ago
but it wasn't quite his time and he wasn't super interested. We went
back to try him and he sat down in his yard with us for a while and we
got to talk with him. He's been going through some rough stuff and has
been very humbled lately. He said he really wants to know what God
wants him to do because he feels super lost. Sister Brown was so
awesome at testifying and we were able to share a few scriptures with
him to help him feel and recognize how loved by God he is. And he just
soaked it all up! We were there for about 45 minutes and when we were
closing up to go home, he kept asking "what else is there? Do you have
anymore scriptures? Tell me more!" The spirit was definitely there.

It was a huge testimony builder for me. This is the Lord's work. And
we are to be instruments in His hands. I definitely learned once again
the necessity of prayer in this work. And real, true, meaningful
prayer. When we truly and consistently desire things, the Lord can see
that and He answers prayers. Every time. Granted it's not always in
the way we ask, or the way we expect...but he does answer!! And He
leads us to where He needs us.

Things are going so well here! I love this Ward.
So so grateful for the blessing to serve in
this mission. I love this work so much! I love you all!! Until next


 We spent a little while in the family
history library finding music for the special musical number we were asked to do... and snacking on grapes...this is what
happens when missionaries sit for too long. Haha



 Sometimes at Night we do  mud masks!!

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