Friday, September 23, 2016

WEEK 69- YOSO...Psych! or " LETS DO THIS"

Hello fam bam!! It's been another wonderful week here in Sheridan.
  It is starting to cool off So my comp thought my study picture was funny!

So our theme for this week has been YOSO-You Only Sheridan Once. Haha
(yea, maybe we're not super original.) Haha but PSYCH! Here, we
Sheridan twice because TRANSFERS!....
Sister Wong and I are both staying!! Wooho! We are super pumped for    
another transfer here together,,, and also surprised.
Our entire group is still STL…we thought sister Anderson and I would FOR SURE be released…..when he told us
I guess I looked shocked and he said “ yea,this group of sisters has given me many sleepless nights”
( mom note-Next transfer is the last for all of these STLs so who knows what will happen)

So this week was a whirlwind!! It started off in Gillette. We went up
for zone preparation day on Monday and then stayed there for an
exchange with the Gillette Spanish sisters. They're so awesome. We had
an wonderful  lesson with a woman who is trying be stronger in the gospel and
 to get her family to the temple. Again, everyone get to the temple!! Going this
long without being able to go inside the temple has been the trial of
a lifetime. It makes me just be so grateful to be so blessed to live
near one  when I go home and be able to go often. So take advantage of that and go!!:)

M is doing so well!!  And is preparing for baptism!  Keep her in your prayers if you would.
Satan is such a little stinker and really tries to work on people
right before their baptism.  She doesn't have the most
supportive family when it comes to her joining the church.  Why would people not want
others to change their lives for good??
Turns out her ex-husband had told her some
crazy things about the church. So Sunday morin when they got up for
church, Jacyn(her daughter) wouldn't go. She was scared about the
things her dad told her. Ugh Satan!!
But it all ended up okay. We had
an amazing lesson this week with her in the Reichert's (a family in
the branch) home. Holy cow does it make a difference having the lesson
in a home where the Spirit is already present.  We talked about the set up and systems of the
church and why they are there.
It turned out to be such a spirit filled night. We are
so excited for Michaela!!

Another miracle of the week is L. Gosh my heart is for her!!
She's amazing.  So you know last week she was having a hard time with tithing?! So the
lesson in church the next day was on guess what....tithing!! Haha and
holy cow. Everything everyone said was perfectly for her. It was
amazing to see the Spirit work on her throughout the lesson at church.
The next time we met with her, Sister Wong and I wanted to help her
recognize the importance of covenants so much! We had this WHOLE big
ole lesson plan about covenants and making and keeping and blessings
and all the good things...and then we walk in and after we get
started, she's like "yep, I'm ready to get baptized!" WHAT THE WHAT?! thank you
all for the prayers on her behalf.
...when I
first got to the area a few weeks ago, she was pretty sick and we
offered to help her receive a priesthood blessing and she wasn't
really up for it. Still pretty nervous about things, and it kinda made
her a little uncomfortable, just with the unknown of a lot of we haven't brought it up since.  Then as she has been feeling sick again
.. we felt prompted to bring up a blessing. And this
time she was like " know what, yes! I would love that. I know it
would help." She is so faithful.

So then on Saturday is was back to Gillette we go!! We had stake
conference this week so President and Sister Wadsworth came into town
and also Elder Foster of the seventy. Such a great conference weekend!
We drove the 2 hours to Gillette Saturday evening for the adult
session, spent the night there, then drove back to Sheridan for
conference at 2! (Here, the stake is pretty spread out so they had a
10:00 session in Gillette, then all the speakers and everyone drove up
to Sheridan for another session at 2:00). It was so amazing!

 But here's the things right before it started, we were sitting there with
some Ward members and L. She was feeling nervous and sick …unsure .
So this session was so amazing.
I don't even know what it was but the Spirit was just so strong. I
can't even tell you how hard we were praying for Leslie and for
strength for her. At the end after Elder Foster spoke, Leslie was just
crying. And we were so nervous because we couldn't tell if it was a
good or bad cry. After the conference, we went with her to bishops
office for him and our ward mission leader to give her a blessing. She
expressed her concerns to them and then they gave her a blessing.
Woah. The spirit was so strong. Her emotions eased as the spirit
filled the room. It was one of the most beautiful moments ever. After
the blessing was finished, she just looked so peaceful. The spirit was
there, and she just said the sweetest words of thanks. Then she turns
to us and says "okay. My fears are gone!! Let's do
this, when can we fill the tank?!" (That's what she calls the font.
Haha) my oh my the priesthood is real!

It is just so amazing to me how individual this gospel is. The gospel
is for everyone. Literally everyone. But it is also for each of us
personally. That was really testified to me this week how different
each of us are, but how everything in our lives has the same cure; the
atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. And that is what this gospel
brings knowledge of. I am SO so grateful for this gospel and the
change and the peace that it brings in each of our lives.

 I know that as we accept the gospel into our lives, it doesn't take away our
problems, but it helps us say as Leslie did "okay. My fears are gone.
Let's do this."


Sister Hodgson

Puppy Love......................

A branch member gave us a box of wonderful fresh veggies... Sister Wong has never Shucked Corn! it had to happen!


  1. What a sweet letter! I am behind a bit...but Sheridan and Gillette are close to my heart. My sister, Cheryl Ringer and her husband Chris live in Gillette. My brother, Karl and his wife Tonya have a home in Wright, WY and Shell, WY...I don't know if you would have had the opportunity to meet them or not. It is obvious that you are doing great work and blessing lives! Thanks, Sister Hodgson, for your service and efforts! Love you! Debbie Gordon

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