Thursday, September 15, 2016

Week 68- Temples and Change

How the heck did another week go by already?! Not cool. Haha it's so

crazy. So today's a little rushed cause we're heading off to Gillette

for a zone preparation day! But I'll try and get a few thoughts out!

We had exchanges in Cody this week and that was way fun! Such great

Sisters there. We left Thursday afternoon, drove the 3 hours to the

sisters and then did prime pros and all of Friday with them. Then

Saturday was a little crazy! L  really wanted to see a baptism and

how it's done.  So there is one in Sheridan on Saturday! Which was so awesome! She

was so excited to go and see one. We figured it would be in the

afternoon so we would have no problem getting back from Cody in

time...But while we were down in Cody, we got a message telling us the

baptism was at 9 in the morning on Saturday. Eek. Haha So we got to

wake up at 5am and get dressed and head out on the road to make it

back to Sheridan before the baptism. Haha It was a long morning but

SOOO worth it so be with L  as she watched a baptism! The Spirit

was so strong and she recognized it so quickly. She is amazing.

Afterwards we had a lesson with her. First off - I just have to remind

You how amazing L is. Every time we come to her lessons she

has all of her pamphlets out, the Book of Mormon, gospel principles

books, etc. she tells us every time "I just know this is God's path

for me! I'm finally going the right way. I can feel it." She's so

precious and so prepared.

But also, I feel like the theme of this week was really temples and

families. Pretty much all of the investigators, recent converts and

less active members we visited and taught, the lessons revolved around temples and

families and how important it is. Which is just like my favorite thing

to talk about. We had an awesome lesson with L about it. We were

planning on teaching temples and the member we invited is just a super

sweet lady so we were super excited to bring her. Turns out the Lord

knows what He's doing even more than we sometimes think. The member

was perfect! During the lesson, we asked her how temples had blessed

and strengthened her and her family.  As she testified, we found out

her husband has been less active for 19 years and just became active

again last year. When talking about temples and families, she was the

perfect person to testify of how temples bring families together and

it really hit home with L. Temples really are such a miracle and

blessing to have in our lives.

We also met with one of our investigators, M,  She will be baptized in a few weeks. We were

in a members home and that was so amazing.  Michaela has lots of family that

she loves that have passed away, so testifying of temples and family

ties after death was so powerful for her. Knowing that there is an

opportunity for those important, saving ordinances to be done on the

other side was just so perfect for her. The members we were with were

amazing and the Spirit was so strong. One of the most amazing nights

ever. It was so amazing to be in the room and to feel the Spirit

there. L and M are  realizing that there is so

much more after baptism. That baptism isn’t the end when we're supposed

to be perfect, but it's just the beginning of opening that gate and

getting on the path back home. And even more covenants and blessings

await in the temple. So incredible. I miss the temple so much. If you

haven't gone to the temple lately then please, GO! Run to it!

All with that, I've been thinking a lot about what President and I

talked about in interviews last week. We were talking about change; on

missions, with transfers, companions, areas, investigators, etc and

the change of going home one day, seeing people who have changed,

places, plans, etc. What he said about it really stood out to me. He said

"Sister Hodgson, change is a principle of the gospel. If the Lord

didn't want YOU to change, He would never keep changing all of our

circumstances or situations." It's been really cool this week, as I

study, to have that as an underlying principle. I studied about it a

lot trying to understand more of what it means for me, and for those

we meet with. I added a page to my Preach My Gospel about change and

have been finding references and scriptures to go with that to help me

study. But it has been so amazing to find instances in the scriptures

and words from the prophets about change in their lives and how they

didn't turn inward, but turned outward and it all worked out. Then

this week as we were able to go and testify of the importance of

temples, it really put my mind at peace. I thought about the things

that we do in the temple. The consistency of the things we do in

there, and then thought about the change that it brings about in each

of us personally and internally. Everything in the gospel is designed

to change us, if we let it. And I know that change is only possible

through the atonement of our Savior, Jesus Christ. He is there for

each of us, pulling us along and cheering us along. He loves us and

what's to see us become who He knows we can, and knows we were meant

to be.

Sorry for the tangent. But this gospel is amazing! And it changes

lives. (Woah! Change! Look at that;) haha) It's been another amazing

week here in Wyoming and I love every second. I hope you all have the

best week ever!! Love you lots!!!


Sister Hodgson

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